About Us

Founded in 2018, Sweet Mother Fudge shares a traditional, melt-in-your-mouth, family recipe with its customers. In 2020, Sweet Mother Fudge started shipping fudge across the land, bringing its unique and delicious taste to fudge lovers far and wide.

“In Canada where I was born and raised, gatherings at the family home were often. Family, friends, colleagues; we didn’t need a special occasion. Everyone would bring something to eat. We called it a ‘Pot Luck’. I have early memories of hiding under the table with my two brothers, each with a fistful of fudge that my mom had made.

“I started making fudge with my mom and when I flew the nest, I started making it on my own. Throughout college, I would make fudge for student parties. I’d just rock up with a tub of fudge. When I found a job, I would make fudge for colleagues. I’d make fudge for friends and family on special occasions.

“When I had kids, my fudge output slowed a bit until a friend asked me if I was interested in having a stall at a craft fair she was organising. I’d never SOLD my fudge before, but I don’t recall anyone telling me they didn’t like it.

“The name Sweet Mother Fudge had a 'certain ring to it' and I settled on it pretty quickly. So, equipped with a table, a cash tin and a whole pile of fudge ‘slabs’, the day began with promise. Two hours later, I was sold out. “Sweet Mother Fudge has landed”, I said to myself.

“People started pre-ordering for Christmas and special occasions which was awesome. But sporadic. Thats where the weekly sharing box came in, and we sourced boxes that fit perfectly through letterboxes. Fudge through your letterbox? That sounded pretty good to me. And very quickly, it sounded pretty good to others as well.

“That’s where the story ends, right now, at least."